JDRF Walk Kick-Off Event

Now for some good news!!!

We recently were invited to the JDRF Walk Kick-Off Event at Frankie's Fun Park!  We were asked to come and hear about how to form a team for the walk and to have FUN!!!  Each child was given 3 free attraction passes from JDRF!  Justin, my husband, had to work that day so I invited my mom to go with us and she was glad to go and support us!  We had a blast!

Of course, we went to hear about the walk but most of all Nevaeh has longed to meet other children with Type 1 Diabetes so the event had a dual purpose!  After we listened to the brief talk about the walk we then almost immediately met another family who actually came over to us to find out about Nevaeh's pump and how she does with it.  The family also had a daughter around Nevaeh's age with Type 1 Diabetes who is currently getting injections but wanted to find out more about getting the pump!  We were so EXCITED to meet them and to tell them about how the pump is amazing.

Before no time we were sliding down the fun slide and racing go carts together!  We exchanged contact info in hopes of getting the girls together again!  Nevaeh had a blast meeting this little girl and I was so happy to have met their family!  We had a great rest of the afternoon playing at Frankie's.

On that day God answered Nevaeh's prayer, to get to meet another little girl with Type 1 Diabetes!  We look forward to meeting up with the family again soon and hopefully at the walk as well!

Here are some pics of us having FUN at Frankie's:

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