It's been a while....but I still HATE Type 1 Diabetes!

I HATE Type 1 Diabetes! Just thought it needed to be said at 2am as my sweet little girl is 357.
So many things go through my head when l wake up to check her and then so many more go through my head as l try to lay back down to sleep until my alarm wakes me up in an hour to check her and make sure her blood sugar is coming down! I hardly ever do go back to sleep in that hour bc my heart races and so does my mind.
So many things, wishes, and wants in my heart and mind! I am human! But l must remember to hand them over to God bc I can do none of it on my own!
Last night was the same but opposite she had just been checked a half hour before last night when I suddenly woke up and felt the need to check her. A half hour before she was 130 and at that time she was 90 and had insulin on board (would have went lower). Last night I truly believe God took care of my baby (as He has many) by allowing me to wake up! She would not have been checked until around 3 hours later which by then I'm sure it would not have been good to say the least.
Please continue to pray for Nevaeh and specifically her numbers at night. We fight against a disease that never backs down. God's design for our bodies is nothing short of miraculous and Justin and l although we try, can't be the pancreas that God designed. BUT we will keep working and doing the best we can for Nevaeh's body until there is a CURE.

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