1 Year........and Hopefully Not Many More

It is so hard for us to believe it has been a year since Nevaeh was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.  It has been a hard year but we have stood strong through it all!  We have stuck together through the good and the bad.  Today has been hard not to think about what was happening throughout the day on this day last year!  It was a terrifying experience for us all that I pray we will never have to endure again!

Although, I will never say that there is anything GOOD about type 1 diabetes we are very thankful for several things that have happened through the year.  We are thankful for getting an insulin pump and CGM monitoring system!   We are thankful for the support through prayer and financially to make this possible!  We raised over $1000 for the pump and system which cost over $3000!  We also just a few weeks ago found out our insurance is going to cover the MySentry monitor meaning we only owe $349 for it all!!!!  We also had a great experience with the JDRF walk for a cure this year with friends and family and we raised over $2000!!!  We are so thankful for all these things!

Nevaeh is mine and Justin's HERO!  She is so brave, courageous, and strong it is unbelievable!   That's why this past weekend we went to Atlanta and celebrated at American Girl and the Georgia Aquarium!  This was a great trip and was a great surprise and reward to Nevaeh for her bravery this year!  We feel like a celebration is something we will try to do each year to help her understand how proud we are of her strength through it all!  I attached a few pics of the fun weekend below!

I said all of those things because I try to keep focused on the good but I am human and it is HARD!  I struggle a lot with emotions (not as much as the first months but still a lot).  Today is a very emotional day for me.  Nevaeh went to sleep crying last night because she knew what today was.  It breaks my heart seeing my baby girl struggle with this disease day to day!  It never goes away, never takes a day off, type 1 diabetes is constant and never ending until the day we find a CURE!  I had no idea how extensive and how life consuming type 1 diabetes is until Nevaeh was diagnosed.  If I do not act as her pancreas everyday she would not live! It is hard but we stick together!

Please continue to pray for our family as we fight daily with this disease and to keep Nevaeh safe and happy with life!  We pray there is a cure before too many years roll around!  I know God can do anything and I believe it is possible!  Thank you for your support and love!

She loved the dolphins!!!

Yummy....Cheesecake Factory!!!

Georgia Aquarium

Posing with Mckenna

Posing with Mckenna again!
Mckenna has a pump and pump pouch too!!!

Our American Girl room, all pink, and her surprises!!!
Nevaeh and Mckenna checking in at the hotel!!!
Nevaeh and Mckenna checking in at the hotel!!!

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