Too Good to be True???

Well, we started the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) today and MySentry is connected and working currently in our home so we are pretty EXCITED!!! It really seems to good to be true at this point and I so hope it stays that way!!!

What is a CGM and MySentry you say?  And what does it do or help?

CGM (actual size)
Well, the CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitor is a device that is inserted into Nevaeh's tissue that measures the amount of glucose in her interstitial fluid at any given time throughout the day.  Once it is inserted it stays on for 3 days (maybe a little longer we will see how it goes) before we have to change the sensor.  The CGM takes those numbers and sends them directly to her pump wirelessly and it measures trends throughout the day. 

For example, one nifty thing it can do is let us know if Nevaeh is beginning to go low as much as 30 minutes before she actually does!!!  You have no idea how GREAT this is for us because we have to worry all night bc we are scared she might go low.  And believe me we have some crazy nights.  Now the days are a different story bc she can tell us when she feels low but even then now we will know ahead of time and hopefully get a snack in her eliminating the bad feeling she has when she goes low!  We actually already did this once today!!!

MySentry (really nice, looks similar to Apple products)
Now the MySentry is an AMAZING device that has an outpost in her room and then the outpost/monitor in our room that allows us to see at any moment day or NIGHT what her blood sugar is and if she is headed lower, higher, or steady!!!  I am almost in the point of tears typing this bc it means so much to me to have this and to know I can rest a little more peacefully!  I won't be checking three or more times a night instead I will be checking if I feel there's a need to based on what the scree right beside my bed says!!!  If she does begin to go low this thing is no joke it alarms so loudly you can hear it all through the house and it does not quit until you address the situation! 

I could go on and on about what all these devices could do and tell us but I don't even know the full extent of it yet!  It is really amazing how great technology can be! 

YAY!!! Can't wait to test it out further tonight!

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