Life Saving Devices at Work at the Ranes' Residence

We recently started Nevaeh on the Continuous Glucose Monitor and the MySentry Monitor (to find out a little bit about what these are read previous post).  It has been exciting so far! Like I wrote about in my last post we almost immediately saw the benefits of these devices.  But what happened last night blew my mind!

On a normal night, I put Nevaeh to bed around 9pm and then set my alarm to next check her blood sugar at 12:30am.  Well last night I did the normal routine, set my alarm, and fell asleep.  But was not a normal night I was rudely awakened by the EXTREMELY ANNOYING but LIFE SAVING alarm of the MySentry at 11:33pm telling me Nevaeh was going low!!!  I stumble out of bed still half asleep get what I need to clean her finger and take her BS.  When I get to her and check her BS she is 54!!!  Anything under 60 is considered hypo and her doctor wants her to be between 120-150 during the night right now.  So you can imagine I felt amazed, shocked, scared, thankful, and many more emotions/feelings at the same time!  I could not believe that if this had just been a few nights before I would not have woke up for another hour to check her........and that could have led to a life threatening situation for Nevaeh!  I could not believe that it had woke me and that I really was not going to wake up for another hour!

I am so EXTREMELY THANKFUL and BLESSED to have this device for Nevaeh!  There's not much more I can say that explains how AWESOME and NECESSARY these devices are!  They are LIFE SAVING!!!

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