The Beginning of CGM and MySentry

 As most of you know we started the pump in March and then we were told that we could start the continuous glucose monitor 6 months later so that it's not so overwhelming learning it all together. Well tomorrow is the day....yes it came early because they think we are ready! We are ready but I still as a mom am concerned about how Nevaeh will deal with it tomorrow. She is so brave with getting her pump site on, but between you and me the needle on the cgm is MUCH bigger!!! I know she will be brave and please pray I will be as brave as her putting it on her! 

It's also stressful knowing how much this small piece of life saving technology can cost! As most of you know from the fundraiser we had back in March the pump, cgm, and monitor cost over $3000 out of pocket!!! We were blessed to have raised $1010 of that! But after reading a comment from a mother on a forum I read say that she wish she had the money to purchase a cgm for her daughter before she passed away from Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) early one morning in between checks, Justin and I decided that we would make payments on this life saving technology for the rest of our lives if thats what it took! 

For those who don't know the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) measures the glucose level continuously around the clock (while she's wearing it) and will send those readings to Nevaeh's pump wirelessly, as well as, to the MySentry monitor we will have in our bedroom! It has AMAZING benefits (there's a long list of great things) like allowing us to know her blood sugar is going up or down up to 30 minutes before it does!!! So that means I won't have to worry as much (be up half the night) because if her blood sugar drops the monitor in my bedroom will begin to alarm and will continue until I have addressed the issue!!!

I can't explain how much freedom I think this will give us all. Nevaeh because she will be able to sleep more restfully in her own bed (and not have to worry if she is going low or not), and Justin and I because we will start getting more quality sleep!  It will give us all a little more peace of mind!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Most who have never experienced first hand don't realize the toll type 1 diabetes has on every part of your life. I for sure had no idea, but every day you wake up it is there and effects how and when you do things. We are fighters though and my baby girl is strong and healthier than she was 8 months ago so I thank God for that every day! Thank you for those who listened and are praying!!!

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