Diabetes Blog Week: My Diabetes Hero

Today is the last day of Diabetes Blog Week and the topic is "Diabetes Hero". This one is a no brainer and is probably the simplest topic yet!

My Diabetes Hero is my daughter Nevaeh!  She has been a trooper through it all!  Since October 23rd she has had over 600 injections, 20 site changes, and over 2100 finger pricks!!!  Not including blood work and her hospitalization!  She has felt crummy half or more of those days due to highs or lows.  She has had moments where she is scared of going low again, had emotions of anger, sadness, and frustration all because of this stinking disease called Type 1 Diabetes!  But through it all she trusts God will take care of her and she has prayed for a pump and prayed for a cure!  She amazes me each day and has been through more than I have in my lifetime! I admire my little girl for her courageousness and bravery each day she fights against this disease!  If I could I would take the disease on myself for her but I can't so I just do my best to be as strong as her as I watch her deal with it like a pro!!!  I love my sweet girl and am so blessed to have her in my life!!!

Me with My Hero, my daughter, Nevaeh!

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