Diabetes Blog Week: Snap Shots of D-Life

A Few Snap Shots from October til Now!

Nevaeh a few weeks before hospitalization and diagnosis.  She is so beautiful but so thin and that was a couple weeks before we went to the hospital so you can imagine how thin she was then!

 Leaving the hospital after being in ICU at the Children's hospital.

A pic we took when we got home from the hospital and the long morning of training on what to do when we get home (it was like bringing a new born home plus some with all the info they cram in)!  Look how much better she looks already!

 Rufus the Bear, who Nevaeh got while in the hospital along with the book about how Rufus is a friend for her to share with who also has diabetes!  He has little padded spots where he can get shots and finger pricks just like her!

A painting Nevaeh made about how she feels about her soon to be pumping!

 Some of the many injections Nevaeh had to endure before starting the pump!  There are around 150 needles in each container and that didn't include finger sticks!

Last injection of insulin after 5 months of injections we are starting on the pump!!!

Nevaeh's first picture right after she started pumping!!!

 Our first and only so far (fingers crossed) kinked cannula!  Got practice on what to do when a site is bad!

 Our D supplies.

 We found a new purpose for crossover pocket books! They are now PUMP POUCHES!!!

 We won a Give-Away from Skiddadle Bags and Too Sweet Boutique!!!  These are our prizes the pump pouch and supply bag that match!!! 

 Our new supply bag has tons of room!!!

 Nevaeh's first belly site!

Nevaeh now in the same shirt as in the first picture but so much more healthy now that we know what's wrong and she is getting insulin.

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