Diabetes Blog Week: So Glad to Find New Friends!

I am super excited about reading all the blogs this week and writing my own!  You see we are brand new to diabetes as of October 2011 so this being our first year I had no idea about Diabetes Blog Week! So when I found out today I quickly asked if I could join in on the fun!  So I am playing catch up! 

When I read day one's topic for the week I immediately thought a couple of blogs I read weekly but I believe they are well known!  Here's a list of a few:
  • http://www.ourdiabeticlife.com/
  • http://www.theprincessandthepump.com/
  • http://waytoosweet.blogspot.com/
 So I started thinking I don't really have any new friends to share with you guys but I am super excited  about all the new friends I will have found after this week!  This only being our 5th month of diabetes I have to admit I still feel quite alone.  We have each other as a family and I have found a few people I chat with online but the more the merrier!  I love learning by hearing others real life experiences it makes me feel not so alone! 

So thank you to all the bloggers who are participating (new friends) and for Karen who started this yearly tradition!  I already think its great! 

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