Nevaeh's Officially Pumping!!!

So I have a lot of GREAT news to share!!!

First, Nevaeh officially started pumping March 27th!!! Yay!!! She has been AMAZED to say the least that she no longer has to get injections for meals! And Justin and I are AMAZED by how simple it is now at meal time!

Here is Nevaeh getting her last shot!

Here is Nevaeh right after we put the pump on and started the insulin at the Endo's office!

We have had a few little glitches since we started. The first happened while we were waiting to see the doctor right after starting the insulin pumping into Nevaeh. Nevaeh tells us she feels low so we immediately check her BS and she is 48!!! We give her 15 grams of fast acting carbs and begin the 15 minute wait to check her BS again! During that time she starts to slump over against the wall and lean over! She is extremely pale and blotchy! This is the not the lowest BS we've seen but definitely the lowest we've seen her act! The doctor asks for the nurse to bring a snack and decides to stay with us until her BS is above 70. So luckily we were in the right place at the right time because he immediately changed her basal rate (the insulin that is being slowly released into her body 24hrs a day). God was absolutely once again watching over Nevaeh! The next glitch happened later that night when Nevaeh got out of the shower she was drying off and her site came off!!! I was shocked because we had tried out two of these same sites before pump start and had a hard time getting them off when time! Not a real biggie but crazy for the first day pumping (atleast I got my practice in)!!! Other than that we've been adjusting her insulin to carb ratios to get her at good number as much as possible! We feel so blessed to have only had these very minor glitches so far!

Another EXCITING thing that happened the next day, March 28th, is that we won a pump pouch and bag do to so many of our friends and family commenting and sharing to get even more people to help!!! Thank you to all those who helped us win!!!

To see what we won go click HERE!

Last but not least, we raised $1110 of the $3785 we owe on the pump and monitoring devices!!! We are so thankful to those who gave! And we thank God for blessing us with those friends and family members in our lives! Thank you to those who gave and those who shared the fundraiser with their friends and family!!!

We feel so overly BLESSED!!! And we thank God each day for Nevaeh's life and well being! She prayed for a pump and God answered her prayer! Now join us in praying for a cure!

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