Sleepless Night........for a Different Reason

I just walked into my sweet girl's room to check on her and heard her blow me a kiss! I peek into her bed to see she is still awake....and I put her to bed 45 minutes ago! I blow her one back and told her that I thought she was already asleep. She responded that she just can't believe tomorrow (meaning she's excited beyond words)!!!

My sweet girl gets her pump tomorrow!!! Only one more shot until pumping starts (yes, we have been counting them down)! I know we have heard horror stories about the first couple of weeks with a pump but also how GREAT it is after those first couple of weeks and we are sooooooo EXCITED!!! Tomorrow 8:15am couldn't come fast enough for the Ranes family!

Nevaeh has been praying for a pump every night (literally) since we left the hospital from being diagnosed! We feel extremely blessed to have this oportunity within only 5 months of being diagnosed! We also feel extremely blessed to have friends and family that have supported us through praying, giving, and sharing! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Now Nevaeh's prayer is for God to take diabetes away (possibly through a cure but we believe with all our hearts that it could be any way he sees fit)!!! We recently read a article about researchers at the University of Colorado finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes - in mice!!! Here is the link if you would like to read:

So please join us in praying for this team of researchers!!!

I think she is finally asleep now so GOODNIGHT everyone!!! We have an early morning of excitement!!!

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