Diabetes Blog Week: One Thing to Improve

Today's topic is one thing to improve when it comes to diabetes.  There really are so many things my mind is feeling dizzy!  But when I narrow it down to one thing I would have to say that I really need to slow down sometimes and come to reality that things are not the same as they use to be. 

We can't eat on the go fast food like we use to.  Besides Nevaeh not needing it it's no longer fast food when you add the checking of blood sugar, calculations, and bolus.  There's no running errands fast because there is usually snack time and several bs checks along the way.  I use to think getting to a destination on time, like church on Sunday, was hard enough with a child before diabetes but now when we reach our destination we need to do a bs check and sometimes even have a snack before going in.  I could go on but you get the point. 

Sometimes I feel bad because I will be in a hurry and get frustrated not at Nevaeh but at diabetes because of the time it is taking away from what we could be doing.  But I realize that getting frustrated and not just coming to terms with needing to take our time has caused me more stress and extra stress is not what we need!!!  So all I can do is keep working on it (not saying that I will ever come to terms with it) and hope that I get better at it as each day passes!  I'm sure you can all relate even if diabetes is not part of your life we all need to take a step back at times, breath, and slow ourselves down! 

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