Diabetes Blog Week: Proud Momma

First, I want to start off by saying there are more days than not that I feel overwhelmed by diabetes and that it's really hard to say anything positive about it but we have not let that stop us in life!  We have been strong as a family and I know that it's all because God is carrying us through.   And I must say I am one proud momma!!!
  • I am proud of how BRAVE, STRONG, and COURAGEOUS my sweet girl is through it all!
  • I am proud of how much we have learned in the short 5 1/2 months since diagnosis!
  • I am proud to have a family that sticks together through it all!
  • I am proud of Nevaeh to be pumping already!
  • I  am proud of how we work together as a family to take on diabetes!
  • I am one proud momma!!!
Believe me we are not anywhere near perfect at any part of diabetes, but when I sit down and thing of the great things we do in our day to day battle with diabetes I am proud with what things come to mind!

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  1. You should be very proud! I am happy to have found your blog and wish you and your sweet girl good luck with the beginning of pumping! (And less than 6 months after dx...you rock!)