This past week on Monday, January 30, 2012 we went to a normally scheduled Endo doctor visit. While we were there we found out lots of news some Great news and some news that just left us concerned....

First, we found out Nevaeh's A1C (diabetes number) was 8.3!!! When she was diagnosed she was off the chart and the highest number on the chart is 14. We were very proud to say t he least!!!

Then, the doctor asked us the unexpected question....."Are we ready to start pumping?"!!! This made us even more happy because it means a better handle on Nevaeh's diabetes and less pokes for Nevaeh!!!

Also, while we were going through our list of questions for the doctor we got to the question about Nevaeh's stomach hurting almost everyday. The doctor told us that when she had her first blood work done her cholesterol and triglycerides were high and that he wanted to have more blood work done to try to see what was going on and that he wanted to rule out pancreatitis. So we left in a bittersweet mood because we were happy for the good news about her A1C and the pump but quite worried about what else might be going on with Nevaeh.

The doctor scheduled blood work to be done first thing the next morning. In my mind I hate seeing her go through more blood work but I know it's for the best. Now all we can do is sit and wait for the results......

I will post an update once we get the news!

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