Pump and Monitoring System Process Begins!!!

On Friday, February 3, 2011 we met with a rep from Medtronic at our Endo's office and decided to start the paper work for the pump, cgm, and mysentry!!!

Nevaeh has been praying for a pump since diagnosis and to see her reaction, questions, and comments Friday at the meeting was so GREAT!!! She is extremely excited!

Here is a picture of the pump she will be getting!

This will give her so much more freedom and make managing her diabetes much easier! She will get a poke one time every three days to insert the pump instead of 15 times every three days! We will be able to easily enter her carbs and insulin will be given with ease! We will be able to know her blood sugar because her pump will be wireless with her meter as well as her CGM (continuous glucose meter)

Here is a picture of the CGM!

This small little device will continually send Nevaeh's blood sugars directly to her pump! It also allows us to know if Nevaeh is going low or high by making the pump alarm go off and alert us! We can even see arrows beside each blood sugar letting us know if her blood sugar is rising, falling, or steady! This tool will give us a larger view of what is going on with Nevaeh on a daily basis and could help us catch dangerous highs and lows!!!

The last component is the mysentry shown below!

Click Here to Watch Video Showing How it Works!

This AMAZING device will allow us to view all the details of Nevaeh's pump at all times! Most importantly it will be on my night stand so at night I can see her blood sugars all through the night and it will alarm if she is going low or high! Although, this product is brand new I've already read posts from parents who have it and how it alerted them of a low hours before they were to wake up and take the next blood sugar! With talk of "dead in the bed" syndrome I will do anything I possibly can to make sure Nevaeh is safe through the night and nap!

So to me these products are priceless as a mother but they come with a steep price of $3885 (after insurance)!!! So we are trusting God as we start the process that He will provide the funds for Nevaeh to have these products. We have had several people ask if they could help make this possible for Nevaeh so we decided to create a safe and secure way for people to help!
The link below is to a fundraiser to help provide the funds for Nevaeh to get these (to me life saving) devices! If you want to help the link below is linked to PayPal and is a safe and secure way to help!

Raise Money for Pump for Nevaeh - Medical Expense Fundraiser | YouCaring

Thank you for your support and love!!!


  1. So glad your getting the pump!
    My name is jess, I have a blog at faith-injected.blogspot.com I'm on the ping, I hope you get all the money you need soon, the pump is the best thing EVER=)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your blog!