Our First Sickness since being Diagnosed!!!

In January, Nevaeh had her first sickness since being diagnosed. We knew that she could go high with sickness but from what we had read and been told we heard mostly about stomach sickness so didn't expect it to be that bad with a cold. A few days later Nevaeh woke up with a barking cough and was not able to breath well. We went to the doctor that next day Nevaeh of course to hear that she had the croup. Our doctor prescribed steroids and told us to follow our same procedures for diabetes.........so we thought we were ok and not to worry. The next day Nevaeh woke up with a very high blood sugar and then the frequent urination began so I immediately checked her ketones and there were large amounts in her urine!!! When I called our Endo they were shocked that the doctor did not advice us to call them right away because she said that we should have doubled her insulin from the time we started steroids until the last dose! The next 3-4 days we pushed fluids and insulin through Nevaeh like it was nothing to get her numbers down! I have to say it goes on the list of scary moments since diagnosis! I now will call the Endo anytime she is sick until I am use to the process! If we did not get her ketones and bs down we could have ended up in the hospital with DKA just because of a illness that would be normal for any other child! We are told to treat her like a normal child but I feel more protective in many ways and keeping her well and away from sickness is one of them! I'm trying to avoid the inevitable but I know it will come eventually, the dreaded stomach bug/virus, and I am SCARED!

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